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The World’s 1st CeDeFi Options Trading Platform Built on the Binance Smart Chain

As the the world’s 1st CeDeFi Options Trading Platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, OCTION represents a transformative technology that stands firmly in support of financial freedom backed by the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally through voluntary participation in a permissionless and decentralized network.

Use Cases


Buyers (Holders)

Buy Binance Coin (BNB) call or put options

Choice between American and European options

Through CeDeFi, no “matching” of buyers and sellers are required as liquidity pools provide liquidity to “take on” purchased option contracts

Options on BTC, ETH and other asset types will be added in the near future


Sellers (Writers)

OCTION liquidity pool will undertake all options purchased, aka be the “house”

Liquidity pool contributors would therefore represent the writers and earn from all premiums paid for each options contract


OCTION Token Holders

Earn a % of premiums paid for each options contract

Priority withdrawal for liquidity pool contributors (guaranteed and priority withdrawals)

Receive discounts on premiums paid for options contracts

Access to insurance vault to help mitigate positional risks for every options contract

Empowered with voting rights for potential changes to the existing parameters of the OCTION ecosystem


Lower Gas Fee

Lower gas fees compared to the Ethereum Chain

Zero-Time Decay

Zero-time decay as all orders are instantly and automatically taken up by writers (through the liquidity pool)

Instant Liquidity

No market maker is required to provide liquidity via sitting limit orders as all orders will be taken up against the liquidity pool

Lower Transaction Fees

Lower commissions compared to traditional options brokers


Being decentralized, OCTION prevents disruptions and interventions by centralized platforms (Example: Recent halt in trading by Robinhood for GameStop shares (NYSE: GME) on 28/1/2021)

Why Trade Options?

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    For Long-Term Investors

    Investors that are currently holding crypto assets long-term can preserve wealth and hedge their risk against any short-term downside risks through options contracts. For example, by buying put options (an option to sell), investors are able to profit from any short-term price drops to mitigate losses in their long-term positions.

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    For Short-Term Traders

    Traders looking to day trade can take quick positions in crypto assets through call or put options, depending on their anticipated market movement in the short-term. In addition to hedging against positional risks, traders can potentially achieve high upsides through favourable price movements whilst limiting losses to only the small premiums paid for options contracts.

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    For Beginners

    For those new to crypto, the volatility in the crypto market can be daunting for some. Call and put options provides an avenue for low risk, high return trading potential. In the current bull market, sharp price movements allow for high return potential whilst potential losses will only be limited to the premiums paid for options contracts.

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    For Victims of Centralization

    Users on centralized exchanges are always exposed to various risks, such as trade interruptions by the brokerage and price manipulation. OCTION eliminates this risk by being Public Blockchain-based, which ensures zero price manipulation and 100% transparency

Simple to Trade Options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Earn from premiums paid for options contracts, priority withdrawal for liquidity pool contributors, receive discounts on premiums paid for options contracts, access to insurance vault and empowerment through governance voting rights for the OCTION ecosystem.
Crypto investors, Crypto traders and OCTION token followers
Liquidity pool contributors will form the OCTION liquidity pool (aka the Writers) which receives the premiums paid by Holders when buying options contracts. The liquidity pool will also be used to payout any financial gains of Holders.
The removal of liquidity is contingent on whether your liquidity has been used to write a contract and the expiry of that contract. However, the platform is created in such a way whereby the longer the expiry of the contract, the higher the amount of premiums paid, which translates to higher profits for the Writers.
All transactions are facilitated via Smart contracts. All existing liquidity will be assigned automatically to all call and put options simultaneously, allowing for a pro-rationed aggregation against all options contracts in the OCTION ecosystem.
A “cliff” is a period where token holders are not allowed to transfer the tokens out of their wallets. This does not apply to all token holders.
A vesting schedule is a timeline which states to whom tokens are released to and the timing at which these tokens are released.
The ODF is used to guarantee withdrawals for liquidity pool contributors. It is used to fund any shortfall in pay-outs from the OCTION liquidity pool, be it the guarantee for OCTION token holders or for in-the-money option contracts.
You will need to participate in a staking lot. These lots represent a right to claim on the fees generated by the OCTION trading platform, aka the settlement fees.
If you wish to collect the settlement fee, you must lock in your OCTION Tokens into the staking lot. The minimum locking period is 1 day. After 1 day, you are free to withdraw your staking lots.

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